Types of Assault Attorneys and how they can assist you

In criminal law, assault is an injury blended with violence to someone. In addition to that, assault is a crime which entails physical torture to the victim. If you ate facing any assault charges, it’s recommended for you to get the help of an assault attorney.

Below is a list of assault attorneys you can benefit from; Portland Assault attorney
Their work entails defending people who have been implicated with assault, violence murder charges among many others. The attorney will ensure your legal rights are protected during the trial.

Civil assault attorney

The attorney will help you get damages for any injuries suffered during an assault. The attorney will represent you in court and convince the jury for the favor to the clients. If no serious injuries have been experienced, then there are sure chances you can be compensated for all damages. Aggravated Assault attorney
Aggravated assault is another form of physical torture. This is damage caused during an assault such as kidnapping, using deadly weapon among others. Sexual Assault attorney

The attorney assists in any case involving sexual assault or rape. An attorney is your best defense during an assault charge. If you have been accused of such offenses, then Mark C. Cogan, P.C law firm in Portland can help.

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