Real Estate Litigation Lawyers In Los Angeles.

The Law Offices of Steven J. Horn as a law firm of real estate litigation in Los Angeles provides legal, judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance in the field of real estate and building law with its lawyers who have matured a consolidated experience so as to be qualified as property lawyers. The Firm offers, in particular, judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance, for the protection of property and possession, in real estate matters.


The Los Angeles Firm places its experience and expertise at the disposal of the Client for assistance and consultancy during real estate development projects with the negotiation and drafting of the relative sales contracts, preliminary contracts, trade-in agreements, both in the commercial and residential sphere. Assistance is provided in the negotiation and stipulation of public and private procurement contracts and in the various issues related to this type of contract (guarantees, a responsibility of the designer and contractor, reserves, variants, ATI). Be sure to be protected, contact a Los Angeles real estate litigation lawyer.

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