Personal Injury: Law of Torts and Negligence

An attorney can provide legal representation in pursuit of compensatory damages for personal injury inflicted owing to the negligent acts or omissions of another party. Personal injury under the law of torts takes many forms, for example, you may be forced to sue an insurance company or a giant business. The process may require an attorney who can aggressively litigate on your behalf. Additionally, a plaintiff may be dissatisfied in an out of court settlement due to insufficient damages or prejudicial dispute resolution.

Personal injury may stem from accidents caused by vehicles in dangerous collisions, pedestrian accidents, or negligent operation of machinery. Negligence is wide, it can arise in many scenarios, for example, companies or residential owners are obligated to keep installations such as electric devices and cables in safe conditions. Persons injured on their premises can claim damages under occupiers’ liability. There are other cases, for instance, work occupation injuries and diseases, medical and other forms of professional negligence.

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