Denver’s Car Accident Attorneys

After being in a car accident you can be very stressed out. You may have injuries you need to recover from, work you have to catch up on, and on top of that medical bills and the bill to get your car fixed, you now have to pay for. The good news is Donaldson Law, LLC are a Denver personal injury law firm, who have handled infinite car accident cases in their career. They know that you have a three year deadline to file a lawsuit against the person that hit you in order to get your compensation. Once you pass that deadline you can no longer go after the negligent party. If any type of government vehicle was involved, then you are going to need to hire a Denver car accident lawyer as quickly as possible, because the filing window for that type of accident is only six months. This is a reason is it so crucial to call a lawyer after an accident so you know just how long you have for this process before you lose out on your right to any sort of compensation.


Donaldson Law, LLC will be there through the entire car accident case, they will help you by taking on all the tedious work. They will handle the insurance companies, they will talk to the negligent party that harmed you. You will just have to focus on getting healed and getting back to work. Handling cases in Denver has been the bulk of Donaldson Law, LLC’s career. Let them do the dirty work for you and get you the compensation that you need. If you were to try to do this alone, there is a good chance the other insurance companies will try to take advantage of you.

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