Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Alleviate Financial Strain

It is very hard to experience the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, the passing of a parent, spouse or sibling is expected. Other times, it is not. When the loss is brought upon relatives due to someone’s negligence, it can leave everyone in an even more severe state of distress, both financially and emotionally. A wrongful death attorney can help a spouse, parent, child or other relative through any legal proceedings pertaining to the loss. Family members can bring on a suit when there is proof that the offending party did something that ultimately led to the passing of the person. A settlement from this type of lawsuit can help to alleviate the financial stressors that come from medical expenses, loss of income and funeral proceedings.

Families go through enough trauma after losing someone due to natural circumstances, but when the persons demise is caused by someone else’s oversight, neglect or omission, then it makes the pain even worse. Relatives can be left wondering how something like that could have happened. They will also wonder what could have been done differently and why the proper procedure was not followed in the first place. When a life is lost because of an error or mistake that could be avoided, many people suffer unnecessarily.

Medical mishaps leading to a termination of life, job site accidents which end in a demise, fatalities due to a flawed product and vehicle accidents where a person is fatally injured are all types of cases in which a wrongful death attorney from a reputable firm like Law Offices of Jon Friedman should be consulted. A lawsuit is usually the last thing on the family’s mind after they have suffered a terrible loss, but there are some good reasons to consider filing one. A lawyer can assist the family in filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the liable party. While there is nothing he can do to bring a person back, a settlement from a lawsuit will help to monetarily stabilize the family who has lost a significant income. Often times, medical expenses are not paid for by the insured’s coverage which leaves the relatives to cover the costs out of pocket. There are also costs associated with the burial and memorial service. A settlement can help with these expenses as well.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney from Law Offices of Jon Friedman in Portland can put you at ease, because they know how to handle personal injury cases.

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