Unmarried Parentage

In Sacramento, CA, the Uniform Parentage Act serves to establish the relationship that exists between a parent who is unmarried and a child. The courts will always seek to establish parentage before making relevant orders such as the custody of the child, name change, child support among many others. The role that establishing parentage plays cannot be underrated as it is a prerequisite in securing benefits such as the inheritance rights.

It is important that legal procedures are correctly followed. For instance, one should ensure that they commence their cases in a correct county, commonly known as a county of proper venue. It is also important for one to ensure that they do not engage in multiple case filings. This is achieved by investigating whether there is a case going on in a different court as regards to the similar issue.

Because of the complications that arise in family law and unmarried parentage, one is advised to seek legal services. As such, The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates helps the public understand on how to go about issues pertaining to family law

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