The Responsibilities Of The Driver And Pedestrian In A Pedestrian Accident

According to statistics released by Harmonson Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in El Paso, there are about 78,000 pedestrians who have been injured due to collision with vehicles such as cars or trucks. There are a lot of circumstances that can result in pedestrian accidents such as sidewalk or parking lot defects, poor property maintenance, or other causes. However, no matter what the cause of the accident, the pedestrian may be able to recover damages for the injuries they have suffered from.
The pedestrian involved in the accident is legally entitled to claim monetary compensation from the driver of the vehicle that had hit them. However, to successfully claim compensation, the victim must prove that the other party is at fault. For this reason, it is very practical to seek the legal services of a personal injury attorney who is experienced in helping injured pedestrians since they can assess and protect any potential injury claim. The injury attorney will assist pedestrians in seeking justice by upholding their rights to compensation. But before the pedestrians file through the use of P.C for any injury claim, it is essential first to have an idea of the responsibilities of both the pedestrians and drivers while on the road. Both the driver and pedestrian must follow the laws of the road and exercise reasonable care.
One of the most common rules of the path given out by Harmonson Law Firm for many drivers is to uphold reasonable care. Failure to do so is considered an act of negligence. Some of the factors contributing to driver negligence are disobedience to traffic signs and signals, failure to signal while turning, driving under the influence of drug or alcohol, inattentiveness and pre-occupation while on the road, going over the speed limit, and much more. On the other hand, the pedestrian must also exercise reasonable care for his or her safety. There may be times when a pedestrian commits contributory negligence if they fail to use such care thus directly contributing to their injuries. Some factors contributing to the pedestrian’s negligence are: ignoring the “walk” sign at an intersection, “darting” in front of a vehicle, failure to use marked crosswalks, and much more.
If a pedestrian is involved in a pedestrian accident, it is vital to call immediately the police. The pedestrian must also seek the legal services of an injury attorney. The attorney can make the pedestrian understand their rights and responsibilities. Having a pedestrian accident attorney by their side will help them avoid agreeing to a settlement deal that is far less than what they deserve.

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