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There are also things on the road, even the best motorist can not avoid: the police announce themselves and claims that they have committed a so-called “driver’s escape”. They may not have noticed anything about an accident. And yet you are now accused of having illegally moved away from the scene of the accident. Hepworth Holzer, LLP are a personal injury law firm based in Boise.

Especially in parking lots it often comes to minor accidents that are not readily noticed as such, and you see yourself exposed as a blameless citizens quickly accused of a crime. So it is, if you have perhaps not paid attention for a moment, has caused a traffic accident and the accident opponent was injured. You need to get a Boise personal injury lawyer for your case.

Again, many people experience for the first time how uncomfortable it is to be accused in a criminal case. You drove too fast, did not keep the distance, did not stop at the green arrow next to a red traffic light, or perhaps entered an environmental zone without an environmental badge? In addition to a fine, which also includes legal fees, may be a driving ban and the entry of points in the Boise traffic offenders file, the traffic central register.

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