Chicago Child Custody Lawyer

Custody of children is a federal and state law that oversees a parent's power to make decisions about the children and to maintain physical control of the children. They also include visiting privileges of non-marital parents at Katz & Stefani, LLC, to hire a Chicago child custody lawyer. In cases where none of the parents is considered "eligible" to care for the children, the court may offer custody of one or more persons related to the children. This is an example where Chicago custody laws for children refer to grandparents.



However, the courts usually want to keep custody of their biological parents, if at all conceivable. A state court may possibly decide on custody as to whether or not it is the home state of the children. There is a significant connection with individuals (grandparents, attendants, and teachers) in this state. or if the child is in danger in another state (for example, abuse, disrespect or other harm) Katz & Stefani, LLC is a family law firm based out of Chicago.

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