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A truck accident can be a dramatic event: sufferers often suffer the health consequences for a long time. After all, a private accident insurance reduces the financial burden. However, by no means all the consequences of accidents are insured. Make sure you have a truck accident attorney Las Vegas. When does accident insurance pay and when not? As simple as this question sounds, it can not be answered. Rather, the insurance benefits are subject to a number of conditions. The most important criterion is disability: for the insurance company to pay, a permanent impairment usually has to be present.


In addition, the disability must really have been caused by an accident. An accident in the sense of accident insurance exists if the insured sustains the permanent damage to health through an event that suddenly affects the body from outside. Sometimes the accident term in the respective insurance conditions may differ slightly from the standard wording. A disease is therefore no accident – and therefore not covered by the private accident insurance. In fact, illnesses are more responsible for disability than accidents. Those who want to protect themselves against this risk, should keep their fingers off the accident insurance and better complete a disability insurance.


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