Basic Information On Child Custody.

No matter how long you’ve been working on your custody situation–if you are just barely filing for divorce, or if you’ve been working on this for years–every person dealing with a custody situation needs to know the basics of custody court. You may not ever even step foot in a courtroom and hopefully, your child custody case can be resolved another way–but it doesn’t hurt to acquaint yourself with the proceedings of custody court so that you can be prepared just in case you do end up there. To get you started, here are the basics of child custody court.

People go to child custody court when their custody dispute cannot be settled out-of-court. So, if mediation, meeting with attorneys. Custody court is also called the family court. The court is actually the county or district branch of your state court where the petition for divorce was filed.

Usually, a single judge presides over the court and makes a decision regarding the case–but either parent has the right to request a jury if they choose. In the court, the attorney’s present the evidence and arguments that are related to child custody and visitation and the agreement that they want the judge to accept. The attorneys will present documents and generally both of the spouses, and sometimes the children will testify.

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